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 Opinion on Androidz

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set up
set up

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PostSubject: Opinion on Androidz   Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:19 am

My Opinion of This Forum

I digress, I guess I'm not really a great animator, nor do I have any forms of work I can give to this forum, and it's affiliate, but I can, and will state the basis of my opinion on this forum. Which is this:

I must start by stating that this is a re-make. Sure, your primary affiliate may state that it's: "Good", but is it really? One week has past. Has it accomplished anything that was different in contrast to the original forum? What point is there posting in one, when you could post in one larger, get more opinions, critiques, and various other ideas. Sure, such criticism make hit a new individual hard, but teaches a person; not give them false honesty. That's what I see with this forum.

First thing's first. Kyrin, I know you know who I am, and I realize that I'm presumably going to get banned for this, or this post will get deleted. That's a given. But I cannot simply stop my message. It is unlike my forum: we focus on the ideas, building a community; not a showcase. To be "politically" correct, I am going to retain the URL of my forum, but I'm sure the individuals here would definitely not like it. Maybe I'm correlating you with Kyrin, but I'm entitled to my own opinion. Kyrin, I must say this: learn to be lenient. Learn about control. It's one thing you lack, and that is leadership. You take hasty actions, give free abilities to people who you like, not those who are just (I recommend $lain for moderator). You post as if a user, not a leader. As administrator, you must fill your role, act your part: not simply play against yourself. You break your own rules, and follow your own ideas. You should address professionally, not immaturely like you normally do. It's like the moderator contest of Facepunch. Rusty100 and various other users fit the role, but thanks to the coming-back of another member, one who simply caused the creation of a "Spam" forum, won the role. It's relentless, and unjust. Just like here. (Note, get a real domain. This is trash, seriously, bandwidth cap and limited functions? Cheapo.)

Now, I get to my next idea. Your theme, is it worth it? Dedication is a wonderful thing, but can a child like Kyrin stick to his word? Can he stay with one until it dies? Will he? I say no (for more than just platonic reasons), but then again, we'll have to see. Maturity is key, let's hope that this forum obtains a status of such. Now, I really wonder, every one of you, is it this forum that seems worth your time. Some of you have talent (I'll describe what make good or not later), but is it useful being here. Post some pictures, sell your name? One week, seventeen users. We'll see if it expands much more. That's the thing: it was only sold due to the popularity of Kyrin, who we must really wonder, is he really that great?

Next, I come to the harsher section of this idea. Animation is not the tool you use. What's it called? It doesn't matter. What I'm saying is, if you want to animate, do something meaningful, not something that's useful in your spare time, something that could maybe raise your internet status from nothing, then to noticed. It's not worth it. Experience in this tells me so. If you want to exercise real capacity, try a hand in 3D, such as Maya or 3DS (both of which are great tools, highly recommended). Or you could try Flash Professional from Adobe. Something free form, not just limited. Though I agree that free and easy is a great advertising point, one must wonder, can I make something out of this. Do I learn? The answer is no. But this is a forum, so this may be unimportant. But I argue that purpose is good, it drives. To me, flame me if you want, what you do is merely Gamemaker to C++, a useless tool that is hardly worth using in contrast to the biggest programming language in existence. Is it right?

Finally, I will take a message to the public. First off, just to get this out of my system, learn to type. A raid of WTFOMGBBQ:DXDXDXD!!!1oneleven is hardly worth talking about. It's hardly worth posting, or wasting space on the internet. You're not cool doing it. I would quote individuals, but there are too many. I apply this to spelling and standard capitalization. It feels as if you hadn't taken school, or were even any good at it. What your posts are, they are empty, as if children, or those who can barely speak (Kyrin, I'm pointing at you as well), were talking amongst each other. This brings me to another idea: content and maturity. Posting is a great thing, it allows an individual to voice his/her ideas, so other can gain knowledge, even if it is a full fledge set of humor. The internet was made for this reason, and to me, you have broken it's pledge. This applies to you all. Learn to complete an idea. Finish your sentence. Explain, don't rush. I believe that you don't know what to say, and what not to say. The internet is a scary place, and I feel that you all don't really understand it (ex, from the deep workings of /b/, to the more civilized discussions in place like CNN and Gamefaqs. Immature, I would say. You feel like Mac Users, those who rage about what they have, and what they don't. I would really like to see a civilized reply to this. I probably won't.) A forum is a place to discuss ideas, not simply post a word and leave. In my own forum, I prefer it if individuals posted a few lines of text, or more, but even though this is broken, the idea needs to be fulfilled. That is what lacks. That is what needs to be done. Do what I did, explain, and fulfill. After all, it only took me five minutes. Congratulations, you successfully broke my heart. I, at first, imagined something "good", something cool, but what am I left with? A hole, an empty space. A place filled with seemingly seven yea olds. What am I to say? There is nothing more.

I understand many of you simply will post "tl;dr;" but, oh, well, you are entitled to control your own learning, your opinions. Your choice. I talk, you choose to listen.

That is what I think. That is my opinion.

Oh, and hi everybody.
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PostSubject: Re: Opinion on Androidz   Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:45 pm

Who the hell do you think you are?

if you see so many wrong things about this forum why don't make your own that you mean is perfect?


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Opinion on Androidz
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